Hi everyone, I'm pleased to show you my finished unit of Plaguebearers. They are the first battleline unit for a fun 2000 point army I've started. Check out after the jump to see more photos and the list.

These models are the first to join my Archaon Everchosen, which I finished a year ago. I decided I wanted to make use of Archaon, and use him in an army as I've never had an army to go with him. I decided to make a fun little mixed Chaos 2000 point army with parts from the three Chaos gods represented on Dorghar's head. I'm thinking that Archaon has picked three heroes from Nurgle, Tzeentch and Khorne he deems worthy and asked them to muster up their own little band of warriors to join him in battle. Here's a photo of my Archaon.

The list has a hero, batteline unit and a more elite unit from that faction. The list is Nurgle: Lord of Plagues, Putrid Blightkings and Plaguebearers, Tzeentch: Tzaangor Shaman, Tzaangor Skyfires and Kairic Acolytes, Khorne: Aspiring Deathbringer, Wrathmongers and Blood Warriors. Archaon's comand ability allows you to use all of the other hero's command abilities too which adds a little bit of synergy. The most important reason for choosing these units though is because they're my favourite models from that range of Chaos, and I wanted the opportunity to paint them. I'm excited about this army because it will involve very different painting styles and will present with different experiences across the army, sometimes I think this helps to vary up what you're painting to avoid it becoming boring. 

I've really enjoyed painting these Plaguebearers, they've been so much fun and I've loved making them look all gribbly and disgusting. I love the freedom models like this can give you. I'm going to paint the other Nurgle units of the army next, infact I've already started painting the Lord of Plagues!