Hey guys, I've just finished a unit of Putrid Blightkings for my Nurgle, these are amazing miniatures and I had so much fun painting them. Check after the jump to see more photos and how I painted them.

I've always loved Putrid Blightkings, I love the kit and how different each one looks and how you can make the kit so many times and get very different results. They have so much character to them and I really enjoyed painting them.

I decided to paint them with mostly different skin tones and experiment with glazes and shades over the same basecoat and using the same highlight to make them still look coherent. The skin is basecoated Rakarth Flesh and then shaded with a 50:50 mix of Athonian Camoshade and Lahmian Medium for the more green hue, a 50:50 mix of Reikland Fleshshade and Lahmian Medium for the pinker hue and a 50:50 mix of Seraphim Sepia and Lahmian Medium for the more yellow hue. The skin is then highlighted with Flayed One Flesh across all the models. I then glazed Druchii Violet, Carroburg Crimson and Athonian Camoshade in specific areas across the model, for example around wounds, spots, and open parts of the bellies to resemble more sore looking areas. 

The armour is painted black to allow for coherency across a mixed Chaos force, and to resemble an army following Archaon. I also liked the difference of this to the usual green Nurgle armour colour. The armour is black highlighted Kabalite Green, Sybarite Green and Gauss Blaster Green.

I really enjoy painting rust effects on models, and the Putrid Blightkings really offer you a great opportunity to do this. The armour and weapons are painted with Typhus Corrosion, then drybrushed Ryza Rust, then chipped with Vallejo Silver using a sponge, I then apply Nihilakh Oxide and wipe off with a tissue, this represents the verdigris. I then use a sponge to apply Blood for the Blood God to represent blood splatter.

I can't wait to paint more Blightkings, I've already built another 5 and I've made them look completely different to these 5, which is a great feature of this kit.