Hey everyone, hobby progress has been slow for me recently but I have found some time to start a unit of Judicators for my Stormcast Eternals.

Here is a photo of the Judicators with their base coats and then with shading, I always love how shading completely changes the look of the gold. Highlighting is up next, although I'm not really enjoying painting these I think I'm needing a change in painting, I've been struggling recently to find the motivation to paint, and I think some of it is being bored of painting the models, I've recently thought of a fun little army that I've been assembling for the past few days though, which will involve very different painting styles, I think this is something that will help with the feeling of procrastination of painting as every unit is very different and I'm excited to paint them, I think I may take a break from my Stormcast now, so keep an eye on progress on my new army soon!