It's Aurélie, I'm back with my latest big project for a customer, a Blood Angels strike force! Hope you like it. More pictures and a short tutorial for camouflage patterns after the jump.

How to create the camouflage effect
First, I applied the base paint with my airbrush. Then, I cut Tamiya masking tape in small strips and attacehd them to the cloaks in an irregular fashion. I repeated the process with several shades of grey and grey, while adding more strips after each step. Once I was happy with the pattern, I applied Nuln Oil all over shading, taking care to avoid any pooling on the larger flat areas. Alternatively, you could create a black oil wash and, once dry, remove the excess paint with a cotton cloth.

Hope you like my latest commission project. Let me know in the comments, follow me on Instagram and, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.