Hey everyone! I've been busy recently painting a Dwarf Blood Bowl team for a new local Blood Bowl league. Here are the finished photos, I really loved painting these little guys!

I was inspired recently to paint a Dwarf team due to a local Blood Bowl league starting. I already had my Humans that I painted in November, you can see those here. Although I had never played a game with them yet, I wanted a new challenge and I had bought the Dwarf team when they released in January and they had been sitting on the shelf unpainted since then. I also had recently bought the Deathroller from Forgeworld, and wanted an excuse to paint that too! 

I decided to go with the Dwarf Giants scheme as on the box art, because I love the striking blue armour and the contrast it has with the warm reddish beards the Dwarves have. However, I decided to paint their overalls a cream colour as I didn't really like the blue overalls as they are painted on the box as I felt it blended too much in with the armour. The armour was painted Incubi Darkness, Sotek Green and highlighted Temple Guard Blue, Baharroth Blue and Ulthuan Grey. 

I wanted to have all of the beards a warm, reddish tone so they all were similar. The variants of beards are: Jokaero Orange, Troll Slayer Orange, Fire Dragon Bright, and Lugganath Orange. Skrag Brown, Deathclaw Brown, and a Deathclaw Brown/Ulthuan Grey mix. Mournfang Brown, Skrag Brown, Deathclaw Brown, Deathclaw Brown/Ulthuan Grey mix.

I really enjoyed painting this team, and I've just recently played my first ever games of Blood Bowl and now I'm addicted, it's such a fun, tactical game! I've just joined a local league with my Dwarves, so far I am 1 win and 1 draw, the Dwarves have been a really fun team to play with, their play style is very much hit things which has been fun!