Lecoqadoodledo here, with another group of Carmine Blades Space Marines. This time I’ve got some Death Company to show you. The Death Company are by far my favourite aspect of the Blood Angels and their successors. Such a tragic, yet awesome concept.

Now I thought these would be straightforward and relatively quick to paint compared to the Tactical Marines. Boy was I wrong. There’s an obscene amount of detail on these miniatures! The biggest challenge I found with these guys, was painting them in a way that still evoked classic Death Company, but was unique to my successor chapter. After some discussion with a friend, I opted to keep the helmets, left shoulder pad and shoulder trim the same as the Tacticals, and it’s worked out well.

The blue jet glow was a last minute addition, as I didn’t want to leave the jump pack engines a flat metal, it would have seemed a little boring on such detailed models. But because I’m aiming for a clean tabletop standard, I didn’t want to spend too much time on them. So I quickly worked through a few blues, and due to the small surface area and nature of engine glow, being a little messy was okay.

Thanks for reading, and I’m glad you’re all enjoying my Carmine Blades!​