The latest addition to my Nurgle Rotbringers army is this wonderful model, Festus the Leechlord.

This model is a fantastic model with great character, he looks so happy to be forcing some poor unfortunate soul to drink the contents of his vial, who knows what it is but for one thing it doesn't look to be very good for him, just look at his stomach rotting away... 

Festus is a great model not only in aesthetics but also gameplay. In Age of Sigmar, Festus is a wizard and can cast an amazing spell which gives an enemy unit -1 save for the rest of the game, which is very powerful. Festus also acts as a healer to other Nurgle models, so is a very valuable addition to any Nurgle army. 

I'm really happy with how he came out, this model is finecast and I really don't like panting finecast, however I did enjoy getting into the detailing of this model and painting the vials and bits of gore. This was a fun model to paint, and I'm excited to see how he performs in games now he's painted!