Hi there everyone! Hope you've all been well. Recently I've completed my very first resin miniature (well what ever resin GW is using now instead of finecast). What better way to start my first resin miniature then doing Slambo! There's more photos and details after the jump!


One reason why I got Slambo was because it's such a cool mini but another reason was that my GW manager wished to encourage as many people possible to enter it into our state painting competition. So with that I set off to assemble and paint it. I thought my cast was pretty good until I started cleaning it. That's when the pain staking process of filling in the bubbles and re-sculpting certain details started and it reminded me why really dislike finecast.

I thought the box art for Slambo was fantastic but so far I haven't seen a blue Slambo yet. It was also not long after the Tzeentch stuff was released so that made my decision for me, I decided to go for blue armour. I used around five to six colours for the armour with the majority of the time was spent painting the armour.


I hoped to have a bit of contrast on the mini so I painted the boots and gloves Screamer Pink and painted some chaos runes on the the upper leg armour plates. Being a competition piece, I decided to paint the lines on the horns, something I don't really enjoy as my hands will shake. But in the end I got there and it was worth it! Lastly I felt the eyes had to be red with the red glow to bring some focus to the head as well.

Overall It was a fun model to paint and I hope you all like it! Catch you al very soon with another post! Until then take care everyone!