Hey there everyone. Today I've got what is the start of a low model count army I did for a Lord of the Rings tournament not too long ago. When I decided on an army, I really wanted t include the Three Hunters thus, I present Aragorn. He's the first Lord of the Rings mini that I've painted.

I found the mini to be quite small and detailed so I had to use a lot of online sources to know what the details were. Once the details worked out everything was pretty smooth from there until I started painting the face. As some of you know I don't like painting eyes. But I managed to do a satisfactory job although they may be a bit large.

I didn't really know what to expect when it came to painting Lord of the rings minis but it turned out to be quite enjoyable and satisfying as I managed to finish Aragorn quite fast compared to painting 40K and Age of Sigmar minis. That''s all for now until Gimli makes an appearance.

Until then take care all!