Today I present you this squad of Fire Dragons Aspect Warriors I painted a while ago for my craftworld Iybraesil collection. The Exarch has been featured in White Dwarf, a couple of issues ago. Check out the whole squad and more pictures after the jump.

In fact these models have been stripped and repainted. Originally I painted them in a dark brown and red paint scheme for my now sold Saim-Hann army. This time, I wanted them to be a lot more colourful and vibrant. I chose old Fiery Orange as the base colour, the most intense orange I could find. I washed the recesses with Fuegan Orange and highlighted with a mix of Fiery Orange and Lugganath Orange and pure Lugganath Orange. The orange looks slightly different in real life, almost neon.

Also notice the model on the right. Originally, all Fire Dragons sculpt are male, so I sculpted some breasts with green stuff to create a female warrior.

I didn't paint their helmets in yellow or another contrasting colour, which stirred some controversy in our comments section. I'll hope you'll still like the result. Both of my Shadow Spectres and Dire Avengers don't have contrasting helmets, so I thought I'd keep it that way for all my aspect warrior squads.

I really enjoy painting aspect warrior squads, as you can come up with a new paint scheme every time, which really gets my creative juices flowing. Over the time, I want to add all aspect shrines to my collection, though I'll wait for new models for Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders and Shining Spears. I'd really welcome some plastic aspect warrior kits. The next aspect warrior squad I'll paint will probably be Banshees, the trademark aspect shrine of Iybraesil. But before Banshees I'm going to add some scenery to my display board, and I might even start a Forge World Avatar.

How do you like my Fire Dragons? Comments and criticism below!