Hey there everyone, following my last post here's Gimli, son of Gloin the second of the Three Hunters. I tried to stick to the original colour scheme with some reference material from the movies as well as having internet references from other talented individuals that have painted Gimli before.

Out of the Three Hunters, Gimli was the quickest to paint. I started of with a base coat of Khorne Red mixed with Black for he's clothing then layered Khorne Red with thin layers until I was satisfied with the colour followed by highlights. I really liked this colour scheme and think it is a great alternative to the Screamer Pink scheme which I usually paint.

Once again this mini was just as enjoyable and satisfying to paint as Aragorn. It was just enough detail to keep me focused on the project but not too much to overwhelm me so I was always painting at a moderate pace.

I hope you all like Gimli as much as I enjoyed painting him. The next post will be Gimli's good mate Legolas and that will complete the Three Hunters!

Catch you all then everyone!