Here we have the original model for Cato Sicarius, Captain of the Ultramarines 2nd company. It was a limited edition release for the second iteration of Cities of Death, before Sicarius' backstory was fleshed out for the 5th Edition Space Marines codex. Seems like the noble Cato used to be quite a bruiser in his early days, sporting lightning claws and an edgy mohawk. This is a rework of an older paint job of mine, so check out what has changed after the jump.

Below you can see the original paint job. Mind that I had a different camera and photo setup back then, so the colours are off. In comparison, you can see how I refined the highlights on the armour here and there, and of course the yellow stripe I added to the banner and shoulder guard, codex heraldry for 2nd Company Captains.

What do you think? Worthy changes? Tell me in the comments.