Hey all, so excited to finally get my hands on the new 8th edition Dark Imperium set and all those lovely new models. Today I thought I'd show the beginnings of a pair of Death Guards in which I'm trying out a scheme.

I'm trying something that I have been thinking about for while in that I sort of want to replicate a similar scheme as what I did when I painted the Blight Kings. Not certain how it's going to turn out, but will be interesting and a lot of fun. So far I have just mapped out a basic tone to the models, given a oil wash and some basic highlights. Hopefully when back from holidays I can get these two models finished rather swiftly.

As for the new release of Dark Imperium I am loving it. It's just so nice and refreshing to have a restart to the game of 40K that I can grasp fairly quickly and get playing. I have had about 5 games with my wife and really like it. It's very cool and the models are gorgeous. I'm really hoping that GW will release more Death Guard models as I would buy them in a heart beat. What do you all think of the new release?