Hey everyone! The new edition of Warhammer 40,000 has got me really excited to get back into it after 2 years, I've decided to go with Skitarii for my new army, and I've already started painting a unit of Rangers and their bases.

I haven't painted or played any 40k for 2 years now, I was never a regular gamer and was mostly a beginner before Age of Sigmar came out and took my attention completely for the last 2 years. One thing I found appealing about Age of Sigmar was how beginner friendly and easy it was to pick up the rules, 40k seemed so hard to learn and put me off. Now the new edition of 40k is here and it is much more simple to learn, and there appears to be so many exciting things coming for it it's interested me again, and I can't wait! 

I decided to go with Skitarii for my new army as I have always loved the models and the idea behind the army. I originally painted a small Skitarii force when the models first came out, and I'm excited to get back into painting them in a different way. I've gone for a slight variant on the Metalica Forgeworld scheme, my original Skitarii are the classic Mars scheme so I wanted something a little different. I also wanted to use the awesome new Sector Mechanicus bases as I didn't want to go with the usual Mars bases you often see with Skitarii, I've finished the set of bases for my Rangers as you can see above. So far I've base coated five Rangers, I'm slowly making my way through them.

I'm also pre-ordering the new Dark Imperium set which is on pre-order today, I think the set is stunning and probably the best boxset Games Workshop have ever released so I can't wait to get my hands on it. I love the Deathguard so they will probably become my Chaos 40k army. 

Are you excited for the new 40k? Are you ordering Dark Imperium, if so which side are you looking forward to painting?