Lecoqadoodledo here with my most recent display piece. Originally I intended to enter this in Golden Demon, but was unable to finish it in time. So when I got back from the UK in early June, I set about getting this guy finished, using it more to try out new techniques and push my skills. It was by far the most colourful miniature I’ve ever painted.

Giving texture to fabric has always been something I’ve wanted to try, and I learned a lot about it on this miniature. I opted for a cross hatching technique which seemed the best way to ease into it. Painting so many fine lines was quite difficult, and I had a lot of trouble keeping it consistent on the pink cloak, which you can see in the picture below. Overall, it came out a lot better on the softer folds of the green tunic than it did on the large surfaces of the cloak. The freehand also made the addition of texture to the fabric tough.

The non-metallic metal was also incredibly difficult, as I’ve not attempted so much across every aspect of a miniature before. I kept a lot of reference pictures handy to help in getting reflections and light sources in the right place, in particular, David Soper’s GD winning entry from last year. Learning how to effectively push the contrast of a surface to make it look metallic is unbelievably tough, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

The focal point of the model, the Ghosthelm, was the last part I tackled, and it’s my favourite part of the model. The white was the most brutally testing thing I’ve ever had to paint but by far the most rewarding. I tied the colour of the lenses into the psychic glow on the hand and the Singing Spear blade to complete the spot colours, while also keeping them a similar tone to the Spirit Stones.

I really hope you guys like it, and I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned to future projects! Happy hobbying everyone!