Comrade Quiche here again with another Dread Mob update. Today I have Buzzgob’s personal retinue, which includes a Big Mek, and a Painboy.

Buzzgob includes a few simple conversions and a nice, bright Evil Sunz paint job, to match his personal Stompa. Although he is a Goff, I felt that a brighter colour would do him well. His feet are magnetized to his base, so he can stand on the field of battle, or ride upon the shoulder of Da Big Lugga.

The Big Mek was made using a Black Orc, as the body, plus lots of gubbins which make up the servo klaw. Parts from a Kustom Mega Blasta, Teleport Homer, and more were used to give it a looted, orky look.

The Painboy is the basic stock kit, with the only modification being that I accidentally broke off the end of the syringe, so I drilled out a hole and inserted a length of paperclip, which was sharpened at one end!

All in all I really enjoyed converting these models, and as with my other Dread Mob minis, I wanted to include a whole mishmash of different Klan-colors to represent Buzzgobs ability to unite them together.