By Logan's beard! There is so much detail on this model. This model took so long to paint it felt like I was waiting for the 13th Company to return. Let's paws for thought before checking out more pictures after the jump.  

Ragnar is one of my all time favourite Space Marine heroes. I've painted the original sculpt before and it's such a good model. I really wanted a new up to date version. It's easy to claw together enough parts from across the model range to kit bash one. I think you'll agree he has the perfect look and weapon loadout. 

For the paint job I tried to take my time with it but I get impatient and ultimately just rushed it through. He's a really nice gaming standard and fits in great with the rest of my Space Wolf collection. You can get the paint recipes and full pictorial tutorial from here

Fangs for stopping by and checking out my model. I hope you come back and visit all of us at Tale of Painters tomorrow for another daily update.