Hey guys, Lecoqadoodledo back with another Primaris test model. This is the last one though, as I’m pretty set on doing a Scythes of the Emperor force. The inspiration came from both the awesome colour scheme, and the fact that they are the most deserving chapter of Primaris reinforcements (as discovered in the Dark Imperium novel). I really enjoyed painting this scheme, as there’s enough going on for it to not become monotonous.

As this was a test piece, a few things will be changing on the next models I paint, specifically the black. While I’m a fan of using blue greys to highlight black, they’re simply too sharp and stark in comparison to the yellow recipe I use, and are a little too distracting. For this model, the black was base coated Abaddon black, and then the highlights progressed through Eshin Grey, Fenrisian Grey and Blue Horror. I’ll be replacing those last two highlights with Dawnstone and Administratum Grey on my next pieces, just to tone it down slightly.

The yellow was achieved with a basecoat of Averland Sunset, followed by a recess wash of Reikland Fleshshade. The highlights used were Yriel Yellow, Screaming Skull and Pallid Wych Flesh. Overall I’m pretty happy with the yellow, but I’ll be making the Pallid Wych Flesh highlight more prominent, and adding reflection spots of White Scar to the recipe so the it’s more defined.

I took a lot of care on the helmet as I’ve previously had trouble with focal points that are primarily black. I added the lens glow for that extra bit of colour, and I found that the gorget of Mk X armour really frames the helmet well with this scheme. On a side note, in typical macro shot fashion, I’ve only just noticed the red dot I got on the metal of the scope *cries internally*.

I hope you like the model, and I should have a few Reivers done for the Scythes within a week or so. Happy hobbying everyone!