While I was working on Marneus Calgar, I put the last finishing touches to my Devastator Squad and, at last, I can present you the completed squad. Another extensive rework of older models of mine. See more detailed pictures (and a comparison of old and new) after the jump.

This is the squad before the rework. There are a couple of older models, some completely new ones, some models got new backpacks or new lower and upper bodies. And, 32mm bases of course, thanks to base adapters from ttadapters.com.

I improved their paint jobs in a lot of ways, most obvious is the armour. I almost completely removed the old highlights and replaced them with finer, more controlled ones. Re-highlighting a model almost takes as long as painting it from scratch, but I think the result is really worth it when you compare the picture above with the pictures below.

The Sergeant got a storm bolter as in 8th Edition, he no longer needs to forfeit his shooting attack to use the Signum. The kneeling Marine got a new upper body in MkVI armour that matches his MkVI leg greaves. I took regular MkVII arms and smoothed them down to match the style of Forge World's MkVI kit.

The Marine with the large bionic eye is a Corporeal, which was a rank for combat squad leaders until 2nd Edition, denoted by a red iron halo. I wonder why they didn't bring back this rank in 8th Edition, as they also reintroduced the Lieutenant rank from the Rogue Trader era.

For more variety, I added three new models with bolters in MkIV, MkV and MkVI armour. The Marine in MkVII armour is a quite old mono pose model, it comes from the 4th Edition starter set. The MkV armour is from Forge World, while the others are plastic. You can really see the difference between the traditionally hand sculpted Forge World model and the modern CAD assisted plastic sculpts. We are really spoiled with all those fancy plastic kits nowadays, such a shame that we've never seen MkIV "Heresy" armour in plastic and, with the focus on Primaris Marines, probably never will.

So, how do you like the squad? Do you still care for OldMarines or have you wholly jumped on the Primaris train? Tell me in the comments.