Hello Again! It's Comrade Quiche here, with some photos of my Onager Dunecrawlers for my Adeptus Mechanicus army.

For my birthday, my wife surprised me with not only a “Getting started” boxed set for the Skitarii, but also an entirely planned out 1850pt army list! I had always liked the Onager Dune Crawler model, so was very excited to put one together... then I realized the army list included 3!

All of the weapon options for the three Crawlers are completely magnetized, allowing me to easily switch from Neutron Laser, to Icarus Array in seconds. My experience so far with both of these options are VERY positive.

As with the rest of my Ad Mech force I wanted to stay true to the Mars paint job, only really changing up the color, and texture of the bases themselves, which by the way are absolutely huge! I sprinkled bitz of Imperial Knights, and Orks on my bases to represent the Ad Mech visiting an old battlefield to reap the left over tech.

In my game experience, these models are absolute monsters, for the most part they are actually ignored by the enemy, who doesn't want to commit their entire army to (maybe) destroying just one of them each turn. "Shroud Psalm" coupled with an already nice 3+/5++ save means that the Onager turns into an 11 wound Terminator for a turn! Any wounds it does take can then be fixed by other Tech Priests!

How do you like my Onagers and what are your gameplay experiences? Stay tuned for more of my Ork and Adeptus Mechanicus models soon.