This group shot makes me happy. It is so awesome to see most of my characters in one place and although they're all from different factions I'm really pleased with how uniformed they all are.The lenses, blades, metals, robes etc are all painted the same way. I think my Deathwatch needs a Grandmaster rather than the Chaplain Cassius to lead them. After the jump I ramble on about the "worst article ever".

I like to read your feedback. I also like doing my own thing. Ultimately I paint to please myself but the other day I read a comment on Facebook saying “Probably the worst article I've read in living memory. What a waste of time.” I laughed at first.  Don't worry, I don't take these things to heart. I try to respect everyone's point of view. Initially I just brushed it off and forgot about it.

There was a little niggle at the back of my brain, something just wasn't sitting right with me. I looked back at the article in question and you know what... he has a point! It was a really lazy blog post. So what am I going to do about it? 

I never thought of a showcase blog post as an article. It isn't news, it's not a review or a tutorial. It's purpose is to show top quality miniatures in a well lit and clear photograph. Text is limited to captions underneath the photos with a few personal thoughts. It's exactly the same as Warhammer Visions (remember that?), a monthly coffee table magazine that has filled it's pages with beautiful photos of gorgeous models... and look at how long that lasted!

Should I turn each post into a long winded article with paragraphs of text talking about the intricate details of model painting? No, I don't think so! I don't think the majority of people would read all of it. I think it's like Youtube videos. Most people like the short sharp and to the point videos that speed along and get things done in 15 minutes. I think blog posts are the same. People want to see the pretty pictures and have any potential questions answered like "do you have a tutorial for all the marines in that photo?" 

So I apologise to any regular readers who might consider my recent posts lazy or a waste of time. Truth be told as I mentioned at Christmas, I'll be winding my hobby down. I hardly paint anymore. It's just not a main interest of mine. Anyone who has added me on Facebook, can see most of my Facebook posts are about photography, 3D printing or cosplay. Not to many GW hobby posts nowadays. 

So to conclude, I've written this long article to apologise for not writing long articles in the past. 
If you've made it this far without falling asleep, why not ask me a question on anything you want in the comments. My next article will be a Q&A and I'll answer all the questions.