Comrade Quiche here with another Dread Mob update! This was actually the very first Dread Mob model (and Ork model for that matter) that I painted. I decided that since it was so huge I really wanted to go with a somewhat bright paint scheme. I thought that a Bad Moons paint job would give it just the right look. Since they are a rich klan, they should be able to afford one of these!

Though this model now has 18 wounds, it still attracts quite a bit of attention on the battlefield due to its sheer size!

Though I liked the face plates that came with the kit, I really liked the odd cyclopean eye hidden on the back side of the head. To contrast against the yellow, I painted the eye ball a nice bright blue. All of the weapon options and Kustom Force Field are magnetized into place, to quickly convert it into a Gorkanaut.

This model has tons of fun little details all over it. Since it is meant to be built and piloted by a Mek, I tried to give it a beaten, but well-oiled look.

I used orange coloured weathering powers on most of the larger gunmetal coloured areas so give it a little bit of a surface-rust look. I also used black weather powder and smudged it around on vents to represent old soot deposits. Agrax Earthshade and Typhus Corrosion were streaked downwards from large rivets and bolts for extra dirty details.

My favourite part to paint was the weathered and chips edges. I achieved this by sponging on Rhinox hide, and then over that Rune Fang Steel. I also really liked the huge bronze skull glyph in the middle of the models belly-doors. The streaking green oxidation was done with the interestingly chalky technical paint Nihilakh Oxide.

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