Comrade Quiche here again, with a mega update. Today I have a pair of Meganobz, along with a Big Mek in Mega Armor.

As I went along with my army, I found that I really enjoyed painting Bad Moons. These are among the only infantry models in my entire army, so I wanted to make them stand out since they are so “small” in stature, when compared to a Deff Dread!

My Big Mek includes two small, 3D printed elements, which I drew up in Solidworks. One is the roll bar around the neck of his armor. The other is the small wrench located on his chest. Though I liked the big metal under-bite jaw of this kit, I wanted the Big Megs face to be more exposed… but not TOO exposed! Which is the reason I added the metal roll bar to give him a little protection. I also thought it was fitting to have the wrench icon bolted to his chest, showing his rank.

Stay tuned for a mighty Morkanaut next! How do you like my Nobz? Leave a comment below!