Hello everyone! I’m back with Reivers from First Strike that I finished a month or so ago, with the refined scheme from the test Scythes of the Emperor Primaris I posted up a while back. This is definitely the finalised scheme, and I really enjoyed painting it. Not to mention these Reiver sculpts are incredible.

The biggest change from my test piece was the black, which I much prefer now. It’s no longer distracting but still quite defined. They took a little longer than I would have liked, due to work and my constant procrastination, but now that I’ve got the recipes for all aspects worked out, future Scythes should go quicker. Here are the lads individually.

Can’t express how much I enjoy painting the Primaris marines. Everything about Space Marine miniatures that makes them a joy to paint is multiplied on these guys. Next up for the Scythes will probably be a quick character model of some sort, either the Store Anniversary Captain or the 30th Anniversary Veteran Sergeant.

Hope you guys and girls like the Reivers, until next time, happy hobbying!