Hi guys, Uruk here with another World Eaters showcase - we're going Forge World this time. Today I'm showcasing a model that's been all finished since last summer. Some of you might even remember a WIP photo of this very monstrosity from last year. I'm glad to finally be able to show you the completed piece.

Kharybdis was a model I bought strictly for playing purposes - at the time it had a pretty cool Forge World exclusive formation that was basically the only way one could EVER get Khorne Berzerkers to close combat, as it allowed them to charge out of the Kharybdis as soon as it deep strikes.

This thing is massive and almost a solid piece of resin - weighs in at over 1kg. It has a very neat way of deploying or hiding its landing claws and I'm glad Forge World went and incorporated magnet holes into the pieces so you don't have to drill anything.

Kharybdis is a Horus Heresy model, so its design is very "space marine"y. I obviously wanted mine to look the part, so instead of just painting it to fit the World Eaters color scheme, I went on and chaosified it a bit. I used green stuff to sculpt the baroque trims Chaos is known for, added a lot of iconography, mostly using FW etched brass and filled it with spikes, obviously.

I still plan on making a bigger base for the thing, since having it in flying mode on the regular 120mm oval in a game really makes my palms sweat - if it fell, I might as well just grab whatever is left of it and throw it into the bin...

Anyway, that's all for today folks, hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think and I'll see you soon with some more stuff! Cheers!