Hey folks, it's Uruk again, with yet another World Eaters character. More inside!

This is another model I bought and meant to use in the last edition in a then-existing formation.
Warpsmiths had a few decent ones, and I was trying out a lot of different options.

Again, it's pretty lightly converted as I really like the original model. I thought about making him out of a Horus Heresy Techmarine, but in the end went with finecrap.

I used a Skullcrusher head with added eye bionics, swapped his axe for a demonic one, added some etched brass symbols and that's about it. I'm still on the edge with his
mechatendrils - I think I liked him more before I glued them all on...

What do you think? Should I get rid of the hentai tentacles and some more traditional Techmarine servo-arms? Or leave him be? Let me know in the comments, You'd really help me out!