Hi all! Today I would like to present my first painted Primaris Space Marine from the Dark Imperium box set. It's painted in the colours of my self-invented Space Marine chapter: The Sons of Kharadriss.
I also came up with a little bit of background, check it out after the jump.

Founding: Ultima Founding.
Primogenitor: Roboute Guilliman.
Chapter symbol: A gear with a wave.
Colours: Temple Guard Blue to reflect the sea world they come from.
Home: Ocean planet Kharadriss. Civilization is living deep down in the oceans. Technical and survival skills, as well as mental strength, are mandatory.
War cry: "Into the Open is the only way to serve."

Due to the nature of their homeworld I imagine them to have a lot of grav vehicles and aircrafts, thus they are specialists for rapid assaults and attacks from the sky.

For the Emperor... leave a comment and share your homebrew chapters!