Another reworked squad is complete. This unit of Assault Marines of the Ultramarines 2nd Company took longer than expected, but then I have a hard find time to find some spare time to paint at the moment. Nevertheless, I grinded on, and here is the result! Check out all the pictures after the jump.

The Sergeant is a completely new addition I built mainly from Vanguard Veteran parts. He is wearing a full suit of Mk6 armour, I used plain shoulder guards without trims and also smoothed the arm greaves to mimick the design of Forge World's Mk6 set. Fun fact: with about 18 hobby years under my belt, this is probably the first plasma pistol I ever painted. Just 8th Edition things.

The Marine in the middle is a Corporeal, a rank carried by a combat squad leader dating back to some older 2nd Edition era background. I think the bionic eye and arm make a nice pair.

The squad was built from the redesigned Assault Squad kit that was released during 4th Edition. Compared to the modern Assault Marine kit, the details are quite soft in some places and there are only a few arm poses. I like the legs much more though. I feel something is off with the legs in the newer kit, I guess they are too short and stubby.

Here you can see the squad before the reworking. The grey parts are obviously all the new parts I added, but I also improved the paint jobs on every model by refining the highlights, especially on the blue armour.

How do you like my Assault Squad? Tell me in the comments below.