While I put the final finishing touches to my Assault Squad, I started assembling and basecoating my next project: Captain Cato Sicarius. I bought this model in white metal soon after it was released. Since then he laid dormant, but now his time to shine has come.

I always felt Sicarius is a pretty odd model that shares very few cues with other Ultramarine character models. His armour is very peculiar - Techmarine-y style legs, Blood Angels style ornaments on his breastplate. He reminds me a bit of early press-mould Scibor models. I also never liked the head the model came with because it had very exaggerated cheekbones, so I replaced it with a similar head from the Deathwatch Kill Team sprue.

What do you think? Have you painted a copy of Sicarius, too? Share your models in the comments section, I need some inspiration!