Hey everyone! Lecoqadoodledo here with a little showcase of some faces I worked on a month ago. I painted these for a seminar I ran recently on painting faces, and I needed a few examples of what a hobbyist can achieve with the techniques I was demonstrating. I followed previous White Dwarf ‘Eavy Metal Masterclasses for all but the blue Orruk, which was a tutorial from Citadel Miniature Designer Darren Latham’s personal blog.

Faces are by far my favourite thing to paint, as they’re the focal point of a model, and really give life and character to the miniatures we all work on, and as such deserve a lot of attention. The blue Orruk ended up being the most enjoyable to paint, and I’ll probably end up painting the Ironjaw Shadespire warband as blue boyz!

There are several more faces I wish to paint up examples for, specifically the various Daemons, as well as Gor, Ogres and Seraphon. I hope you’ve enjoyed this initial batch of faces though, and if you have any questions about the recipes or techniques for them, feel free to ask in the comments!