For a while now, I've had this itch. A nostalgia itch. I remember an issue of White Dwarf (roughly issue 180ish) where they showed in detail how to make a ruined building from foamcore and plasticard. I don't have that issue anymore so to scratch my itch I had to use the old grey matter to remember as much as possible. 

This ruined building corner is pretty small. I guess it's more of a test piece. I'm pretty happy with it. I know it's basic but it has a nice charm to it. That might just be my nostalgia talking though.  

It's really inexpensive to make. I used left off plasticard, foamcore, plywood, cork and sand. I used a hot glue gun to assemble the walls and superglue for the details like wall details and cork rubble. I used pva glue for the sand. 

I'm really tempted to make another small corner and a much larger piece consisting of two corners and a first floor (2nd floor for our American readers). Increasing the size of the base footprint is a must to fit the new larger bases of modern models. 

Let me know what you'd do to improve my test piece and let me know if you liked this post and would like to see a more in depth tutorial on making one of these?