Heyhey, I hope everybody had a wonderful bunch of holid- WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!

Hooray for Orks! Which is why a gentleman had me paint a whole lot of Ork Boyz for him.

A while ago I painted a test unit I showed earlier, here's now the full result. 61 Boyz, 2 Nobz, all green, all mean, all Goff.

Yeah, there's a bit much red on them for Goffs some people commented. First: Meh. They're Goffs wot go fasta. Gotta have some colour in there, I say!

Hence: red. I also made plenty of use of chequerboard patterns, because they look cool and, from my own army, I have plenty of practice doing those. 

So yeah, hope you like the figures, sorry for the slightly off photo quality (just moved house, still fiddling with the photo setup in the new photo corner). And a happy new year!