Shadespire has a really low model count. Only 8 models in total and boy are those models great. Each one has the detail and dynamic pose of a character level model. For that reason, I took my time with the Bloodbound and I love the results. Undeniably Khorne worshippers with their Bronze and Red armour. Their ruddy skin complexion really helps sell their angry demeanour. Individual close ups and a recent Warhammer Store experience after the jump. 


Blooded Saek

Garrek Gorebeard

Karsus the Chained


I haven't played Shadespire yet but I'm itching to. The Games Workshop (are they still called that, or is it Warhammer shops now?) I bought it from had three members of staff in it when I arrived to buy Shadespire. One guy went out back (break) another guy came over straight away to chat and the third guy just sat at the back painting. I started chatting to the guy and then he did what every GW staff member has ever done to me. Cut me off abruptly to go and talk to another customer who just walked in. 5 minutes later he works his way back over to me to carry on the hard sale. 

I asked him to have a demo game of Shadespire and he said it's only him in the store because his colleague at the back had just started working for the company. My first and only opportunity to play Shadespire was denied because three staff members couldn't organise themselves. I know GW stores with one Manager that do a hell of a better job. 

Still, it didn't put me off buying the product. I'm more of a painter than a gamer anyway. Could have been my reintroduction into gaming. Oh well, maybe next time.