Stahly is a bloody nice bloke! He sent me this Blind Box Space Marine Hero as a Christmas present. (read about them here in his review). I've had an itch to paint a Dark Angel for a while. I think they might be my favourite Chapter to paint, this awesome model was the perfect excuse to break out the Caliban Green and scratch that itch. More angels, sorry I mean angles after the jump. 

I love how dynamic this model is. It's a really good pose charging forwards while letting rip with his bolder. It's a shame it feels like the MK7 is being phased out as Games Workshop focusses on the Primaris. It's a good job I like the Primaris so much. 

I freehanded both of the shoulder icons. This guy is part of my 3rd Company Devastator Squad 9. I actually made a video detailing how I paint  the Dark Angel Chapter symbol. It's simpler than you'd think.  Check it out below. 

And I have a Tutorial for the entire Dark Angel scheme. You can check that here

I'm enjoying posting on a more regular basis. I'm hoping I can keep it up. I have so many ideas for projects. Thanks for popping in and checking out what I've been up to. Tell me what you've been up to in the comments and feel free to link to your blog. I'll check them out.