Hey all, and hope the new year is going well for you. Following on with the yearly tradition of looking back at what work we have done. I guess it's my turn.

The year 2017 for me as a painter was very busy. At times I found it almost nigh impossible to keep up with the models that I took on. Sadly though this meant that I had less time to paint a lot of the new releases that GW put out and zero time painting anything for myself.

Next year I have made two promises that I want to keep. Number one to take more photos of the work I have done to put it on Tales. This was something I really regretted doing as I was often in such panic to get work to customers I would literally take snapshots. The second promise is that I want to have more time available to paint some new releases. This is something that I really missed doing last year.

So until further ado here is my favourite work of 2017!!!

Hope 2018 is a great painting year for all!!