I don't paint anything for months and then all of a sudden BAM! A few new marines are painted and added to my Army of the Imperium project. This guy was fun to paint. After the jump, I share my thoughts on my problems with Primaris.

Rear details of my Lieutenant

The new Primaris aren't overly decorated. I have a theory on this. 10,000 year old Space Marine armour has been fixed, repaired, rejuvenated and revered with honours and trophies added everytime it's seen a battle. The brand new Primaris Marines haven't seen that kind of action yet so are missing the details we've come to expect to see on our Marines. It's LIMM, Less Is More Marines. I believe there is a business strategy behind this as well. Primaris isn't an evolution, it's a reboot. MK7 marines (2nd to 7th edition) have been saturated. What else can you do with them? They had recently remade plastic sprues for Tactical, Assault, Devastator Marines. All the big Chapters had been fleshed out with plastic kits. There was nowhere to go with the marines apart from turning it up to 11 and having a complete redesign.

The Primaris are great and Games Workshop are still selling the non-Primaris Astartes, but for how long? Will we see new MK7 Adeptus Astartes? I'm not sure we will. I think the range will slowly disappear as people only expand or start new armies with Primaris Marines.

If I can't bring myself to use the guy on the left with the guy in the middle, then the guy on the right has no chance, right... right?

This leads me on to my point. I'm not a gamer. I'm a collector first and a painter second. I loved painting my Space Wolves just before the Primaris was announced, but the Primaris have killed my Space Wolf project dead because I don't know whether to add a Redemptor Dreadnought or a Space Wolves Dreadnought. All my Space Wolves are wearing older MK armour and a Redemptor would look ridiculous and out of place. A Space Wolf Dreadnought makes more sense but am I just throwing good money away on an outdated model? The collector in me just doesn't like mixing the old with the new. I know I'm being silly because it's written into the background that Primaris fight side by side with the Adeptus Astartes. I know non-Primaris will become phased out, so what's the point in buying more?

Anyone else feel like this? Am I being an old stick in the mud and worrying about nothing? Maybe I'll just go and paint some Stormcast Eternals while I wait for the dust to settle.