Hi there, Aurélie back with part two of my Thousand Sons army showcase. This time we have a look at the Dreadnoughts and Daemon Engines. More pictures after the jump.

From left to right: Two Thousand Sons Contemptor Dreadnoughts with Volkite Culverins, a Deredeo Dreadnought with Heavy Lascannon Battery and Missile Launcher, and an Osiris pattern Contemptor Dreadnought with Volkite Culverin.


Check out some close-ups of the Deredeo Dreadnought. I added a turquoise glow to the Lascannons' energy cells and tarnished nozzles. The iconic blue and yellow stripe pattern was painted on the neck armour.

Last but not least, a Forgefiend and Heldrake, painted to match the army's two Rhinos (sorry, no separate pictures), and Renegade Knight I painted a while ago.

That concludes my Thousand Sons showcase for now. Stay tuned for my rendition of Mortarion, coming soon to Tale of Painters.

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