Remember the Company Veterans I posted before Christmas? With my Shadespire warband finally complete, it was time to return to these guys. Check them out after the jump.

The squad features some existing models which I just upgraded to 32mm bases, and some new additions cobbled together from some existing parts and some new ones. It's common sense that Space Marine squads come always in fives and with Apothecaries and Standard Bearers now being separate characters, I wanted to add two more models to make up for it.

Amongst them is a limited Games Day model from quite some years ago, as well as the Sergeants from the 4th and 5th Edition starter box. A unit of Sergeants was the look I was going for, not too blinged out so they don't look like Sternguard. I also decided to go with bare heads for the whole squads for extra heroicness. 

Here you can see what models and parts were existing and which pieces are new – note that I also changed the head on the Meltagun bearer on the right.

How do you like them? Tell me in the comments below.