Hey there, just a quick update of an older model of mine while I'm working on the Rhino. Originally, the model was armed with a power axe because I thought it was cool and something you don't see often on a Company Champion. But in 8th Edition, this combination is no longer legal, so I swapped the axe for a sword. Check out another picture after the jump.

I already reworked the model a while ago, so I didn't had to improve the paint job much. I added some stubble to the head (why not), some new transfers and upgraded the Champion to a 32mm base. Below you can see what the model used to look like. If I would assemble a Company Champion nowadays, I would use some parts from the Ultramarines chapter upgrade frame, but I didn't felt like replacing a fine paint job with a completely new model. Fun fact: The power axe found a new home on my Assault Squad Sergeant.

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