Hi all, I've finished my new Rhino and also repainted an older Razorback Heavy Bolter turret... check out all the pictures (including Rhino mode) after the jump.

The Rhino hull is a completely new paint job, while the turret comes from an older model. I repainted it to match the sponge weathering of the rest of the tank.

The hull was painted with Mordian Blue (again, an old Foundation paint, Macragge Blue is quite close), shaded with VGC Black Ink, then drybrushed with VGC Ultramarines Blue (Calgar Blue), and finally VGC Steel Grey (Russ Grey).

Then I started to apply the weathering by sponging Necron Abyss (an old Foundation paint, Kantor Blue is similar), then Army Painter Gun Metal (Leadbelcher), and finally Army Painter Shining Silver (Runefang Steel). Looking at the finished model, I wondered whether I overdid the weathering here and there. What do you think? Is the amount of weathering fine or should I cut back next time?

The removable turret allows the model to either serve as a Rhino transport for my Tactical Squad II or as a Razorback for my Company Command Squad. Here you can see the Rhino configuration. I used masking tape to create the outline of the tactical arrow on the main hatch. Also, notice the modern style smoke launchers from the Land Raider Crusader and Baal Predator sprue. I prefer them over the two part smoke launchers that come on the Rino sprue, as they have noticable gaps.

How do you like the model? Are you still painting Rhino-pattern tanks or have you fully converted to Repulsors? Tell us in the comments below.