Hello everyone, it's Uruk again with a fresh batch of Aeldari/Eldar Harlequins, including Skyweavers and a Starweaver! Take a look inside.

Today I'm showcasing the rest of my Harlequin force based on the Death Masque box set I build as an allied detachment for Kabal of the Pallid Sun.

I split the set with a friend of mine who is a big fan of Deathwatch right as it came out, which was in september of 2016 (wow, that's a year and a half ago) and since then the only thing I managed to do with it was to add a Shadowseer, a Solitaire and paint them along with the Death Jester and one of the Troupes. Everything changed last december (which sounds weird as it was only a little over a month ago) - I managed to finish ALL OF MY BACKLOG, which was about 40 models before the end of the year.

First off, we've got the second Harlequin Troupe of 6, armed exacly the same as the first one, but this time I used the craftworld-style straight blades and different face masks to make them separate from the other squad. I further accented that by painting their various ribbons and sashes a different tone of purple and horizontally flipping their holo-suit colors.


Next in the line is a squad of two Skyweavers - probably the best looking unit in the whole Harlequin range. I wanted to keep the Harlequin vehicles fitting with my Dark Eldar skimmers, but also to make them stand out as a different faction. In the end, I came up with an "enhanced" DE color scheme, adding a turquoise gradient on the back half and some diamond patterns on the front - that way I kept the overall white aesthetic of my DE skimmers, but enriched by the colorful Harlequin twist.

Same goes for the Starweaver. As soon as I was done with the white basecoats and airbrush gradients, everything else was pure joy to paint, I had a really great time. Hope you like them! I will try to snap a picture of the whole force toghether as well as showcase the rest of my Dark Eldar force soon, as there also quite a lot I haven't shown you yet!