Hello Tale of Painter readers, my name is Jason Krieger (silvernome) and I'm a part of the Brookhammer crew here in NYC along with ComradeQuiche. I've been following this site for quite awhile so I'm beyond excited to start sharing some of my painted minis with everyone!

One of my favorite models in my collection was one of my first Lords of War: The Ork Stompa. When I set out to create my Ork force a few years back I had one goal in mind: Start with a Stompa and a Green Tide formation (yes, 100 boyz!). I'm happy to say I did just that! Here's the finish Goff themed Stompa. For making it a bit easier to transport, I magnetized both arms as well as the head options. The ForgeWorld head I bought later and it hasn't left his shoulders since, it's just so awesome to look at!

I look forward to sharing more of my work with everyone, thanks for checking this guy out!