Today there is even more Ultramarines goodness! This time, I reworked another older vehicle of mine to match the Razorback / Rhino I recently painted. Check out more shots of my Whirlwind / Rhino after the jump, including some pictures of the original paint job to see what has changed.

The Whirlwind was the first Space Marine tank I bought after a Rhino (it was the Second Edition metal / plastic hybrid kit), so it was a given to add one to my modern Ultramarines collection, too.

Here is the vehicle in Rhino mode without the Whirlwind turret. The vehicle numbering IX matches my Devastator Squad.

This is what the model looked like before. Painting-wise, I replaced the hand-painted chipping with sponge weathering and picked out some extra details on the rocket launchers. The shade of blue only appears different because I used a different camera setup back then

I also removed the Vindicator extra armour side pieces, as extra armour is no longer an option or necessity in 8th Edition, and frankly, the model looks better without it. Which also meant I had to resculpt a couple of rivets that I damaged when I took off the side armour. I added modern style smoke launchers, changed some details on the front, and painted an extra sensor that comes from the Apocalypse command vehicle sprue. Oh, and the Whirlwind Missile Launcher finally doesn't carry a mixed type of missiles. Makes quite a difference, doesn't it?

What do you think about the paint job and the changes I made? Tell me in the comments below.