Hello everyone, Silvernome here and today I'm going to share with you the first part of my Forces of Change: Tzeentch Daemons

When building out my Death Guard army I loved the flexibility that the daemons added when playing the game. I wanted to keep this theme when starting on my Thousand Sons force (and will probably do the same with a future Khorne force).

The Daemons of Change are lead by The Changeling. When 8th edition launched, he was the perfect companion to Magnus the Red being able to make him harder to hit. He's since been nerfed a little but he's still a fun unit to have on the table to cause some mischief.

Helping the Changeling hold down the HQ slots are a pair of Daemon Princes (which I can run in either the Daemons or TS lists). Ever since the Morghast model was released for Age of Sigmar I had the idea to run them as Daemon Princes. Their look works perfect for the Egyptian-esque themes of the Thousand Sons. No conversions were needed to make them work. In game, I just run their swords as their Malefic Talons.

No force is complete without some troops! I started with a set of Pink Horrors but for Christmas, my girlfriend got me the box of Blue/Brimstone horrors so I can finally run them with the Split rule. The Pink and Blue horrors are pretty straight forward (but I made sure their tongues were a mirror of the other) but for the Brimstone horrors I wanted them to mirror the warpflame green-to-yellow color found on the rest of my forces instead of a red/orange flame.

Thanks for checking out these crafty daemons. I'll be back next with the second part of the force: Thousand Sons.

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