Hi everyone! I'm back with another Nighthaunt unit. This time it's a unit of Hexwraiths that I've completed recently. I've always though Hexwraiths looked cool and with me collecting a small Nighthaunts force I had to have a unit in the army. One thing I wanted to try with this unit was to contrast light and dark shades of green. It was quite a process with some feedback from other hobbyists to help me along the way. In the end, the scheme has grown on me a lot and I hope you all like it.

The cloth on the horses is painted similarly to the spirit hosts with a glaze or two to achieve the shade I wanted. For the Hexwraiths themselves I was going for a scheme that had a gradation from light to dark from the bottom up. The base coat was Incubi Darkness with successive layers of Kabalite Green then layering Sybarite Greet at the bottom of the tunic ending with an edge highlight of Gauss Blaster green.

The flames were base coated with White, glazed with Waywatcher Green with a recess shade of 1:1 mix of Lahmia medium and Kalabite Green, highlighted with Moot Green and a Final highlight of White.

Although at the start I wasn't convinced by the scheme after just painting the horse, once the Hexwraith was attached I really liked the scheme and thought it came together well. What are your thoughts? With that, I'll finish this post here, Happy hobbying everyone! till next time!