Hey all, hope your enjoying the Easter holidays. Today's showcase is of a Tomb Banshee and some Spirit Hosts.

I have recently found these after forgetting that I painted them. A lot of stuff that I paint for myself I have to box away to make space for other work as my wife gets fed up with models being everywhere. Anyway I was going through some taped up boxes to see if I had any models that I no longer need and I found these guys. I had to photograph them on a black background as it was difficult for them to show up on a white background. I am kind of happy to have found them as I will paint some more to join them. They are very easy to paint. Probably one of the most easiest models I have ever painted but still a lot of fun. I have always loved the undead models. Infact it was Valley of the Four winds skeleton army way back in the 70s that got me into the hobby. What do you guys think? and what got you into the hobby?