A big thank you to you guys that took the time to offer some motivational words of encouragement  on my last post, it really helped me finish this Stormcast Eternal. More pics after the jump.

You can't touch this...

...Hammer time!

It was quite a while ago at some obscure toy fair when Games Workshop revealed images of this female Stormcast. Being an individual who likes change, I was really excited to see a female Stormcast. It makes total sense that Sigmar wouldn't discriminate between sexes. A warrior is a warrior after all. I don't mind the stylised female armour even though in real life she would just wear the same armour as the men.  

It's such a good sculpt, it's defensive whilst also leaning forward, swinging to attack. It's got a great motion to the model. Finishing this model should really help motivate me and paint the other two Stormcast models from Shadespire.