I bought the Shadespire boxed game back in November, and despite it only having eight models in it, I've only just finished painting it! Check out the close ups after the jump. 

These three are my favourite models in the set. Each has a great pose. Whilst my paint scheme isn't the easiest (white and black undercoats) I do think it's rather striking.

Here's the group shot. 

Obryn the Bold

Armed with a huge Sigmarite Grandhammer

Severin Steelheart armed with Sigmarite Broadsword

So I painted these two Stormcast recently. Severin Steelheart took quite some time as I was distracted with other projects. When I finally finished him I had the impetus to quickly finish Obryn the Bold. 

With the set complete I'm still really feeling the vibe for more Stormcast. I want to add to Liberators to the three in this set to make a nice little unit of five. I also hope to finish my Lord Relictor soon.