Hi readers, Rich back again with some more goblin green bases. This time I present to you my recently finished and my first Blood Bowl Team, the Galadrieth Gladiators. I based the colour scheme on Games Workshops box art but I have simplified it a bit, using fewer colours particularly on the linemen to improve the teams overall feel of coherency, more after the jump.

These old models have a lot of character and charm, but is it just me who thinks these guys and gals have huge hands!?

Here we have the White Lions of Chrace and Dragon Princes, the teams catchers, blitzers and throwers. These models, in particular, have a lot of character and nice details, I particularly like the lion pelts and dragon helms. Having a model physically throwing a ball is also a really nice touch, I’m glad they've included in the team. I’ve had a lot of fun painting the team I now have my eye out for the next one to paint. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.