Hello everyone! It has been a very long time since I last posted some work here on Tale of Painters but I am back to share some Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire warbands as I get them done. First up are Steelheart's Champions.

My color scheme was inspired by Duncan Rhodes' warband which was posted here. I really liked the the three metal look which makes gold accents pop meaningfully. I also followed his weapon swaps for Angharad Brightshield and Obryn the Bold but also added hooded heads from the Wildwood Rangers kit.

This model is amazing and I wouldn't change a thing about the sculpt. I probably should go back and add some freehand on the cape (should it be called a cape if it only goes to the waist, more of a butt flap really).

There are times when I look at this model that I feel I should have removed the streamer from the axe. It does add some needed color balance though so I kept it there. This is my least favorite of the three models and considered using a Paladin Protector instead. Not bad, just meh, there are better poses in the Stormcast line.

And here she is, my favorite of the three. I say that even when I see her without conversions. She is also my favorite in game. Reliable attacks with a fun reaction in defense. Bravo, and encore please Games Workshop!